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Setup parental controls on a Playstation 5

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Take control

Before you start using your PlayStation 5 in the family it’s important that you set it up correctly. This not only ensures that you are ready to start playing when the box is opened but also that you have the correct user accounts and limits This page provides an overview of this process, for more detailed instructions visit PlayStation.

Get started

lightning icon1. Update Hardware

Update your PlayStation hardware ahead of setting controls

lightning icon2. Setup a parent account

Create parent account for the console

lightning icon3. Setup console wide restrictions

Specify the default restrictions for the console

lightning icon4. Setup child accounts with limits

Specify an account for each child with content limits

lightning icon5. Download games

Download games and content ready to play

Step by step guide

1. Update hardware

When you plug in your PlayStation 5 console you will be prompted to set it up. This is the initial connection to the internet and download of the latest software. The process of updating can take half an hour or so, although at peak times like Christmas day this will take much longer as more people are accessing the console servers for updates

Setting up PS5 for your child - Flow Diagram

2. Setup a parent account

The next thing to do is to connect your PlayStation 5 user to your PlayStation account. This will allow you to go online, make purchases and interact with other users. You can download the PlayStation app to make it easier to log-on using the touch screen interface.

As you can see below, this process takes you through setting:

  • Online interactions
  • Set Account Passcode
  • Require Passcode for Spending
Setting up PS5 for your child - Flow Diagram

3. Setup console wide restrictions

Before adding child accounts to the system it’s important that you specify limits on who can adjust settings on the console and the default level of age restrictions for any guest users. Finally, you will add a passcode to ensure no one can change these.

You do this via the Settings > Family and Parental Controls > Family Management menu.

Setting up PS5 for your child - Flow Diagram

4. Setup child accounts with limits

You can now add child accounts. This will enable you to:

  • Limit games by age rating.
  • Limit playtime.
  • Limit spending and allot pocket money.

The easiest way to do this is via the internet in a browser by logging into your parent account and then selecting Family Management and clicking Add Family Member.

You can also adjust and view these settings on the PlayStation 5 via the Settings > Family and Parental Controls > Family Management menu. This enables you to tweak them from the console and any changes made will be reflected in the account online.

Setting up PS5 for your child - Flow Diagram

5. Download games

The final thing to do is to download any games you want to play on your system. Although you can do this as you go along, if the console is a gift to be opened at Christmas, it’s worth doing this ahead of time as download times are longer at these peak periods.

This includes downloading games from subscription services like PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now. Putting in download codes for digital games you purchased. Inserting physical discs for games you have that may require an installation or update before you can play them.

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