The Crew Motorfest is an open-world racing and exploration game. It's a sequel that takes 2018's The Crew 2 to a Hawaiian island you traverse with cars, trucks, boats, and planes. It stands out for the many ways to explore the vibrant world, and the ever-expanding roster of vehicles, races, events, and competitions to jump in and drive.

Unlike the first two Crew games, Motorfest is set in a scaled-down version of O'ahu, one of the largest Hawaiian islands. By land, sea, and air, you explore verdant forests, tropical coasts, and bustling cityscapes, competing in events and races to earn money and level up your character.
At the heart of the game is the Motorfest competition: multiple series of races including slaloms, drag races, and speed traps. Alongside this, you can compete with online opponents, both on and off the track in weekly contests. New main events and playlists are continually added in Seasons, so there's always something new to do.
The result is a game that combines the thrill of exploration and discovery with an ever-expanding selection of races, competitions, and events to create an immersive, rich, and vibrant open-world experience. Whether you're traversing rocky mountain peaks or racing along sunny beaches, there's always something new to see or do.