Lil Gator Game is an action-adventure set on an island playground where a young brother invents exciting games to try and get his older sister to play like they used to. You guide your waddling gator to explore the world as you bop cardboard baddies, climb mountain peaks, glide, fling and jump around. It's unlike other adventures because the world is hewn from child-like imagination. Rag-doll movements, cardboard enemies and homemade wooden swords are the order of the day.

You explore the world and meet inhabitants who need help with everyday tasks. From mountain tops to playgrounds and campsites, it's as much fun finding every nook and cranny of the island as it is completing the quests. What's surprising is how much depth and variety there is here, as the game gently apes different games from Zelda to Ace Attorney to Skyrim.
As you progress you collect arts and craft supplies to create all sorts of items that help the island flourish. From skimming stones to identifying food preferences, repairing broken friendships or even skateboard racing and holding court there's a lot to do.
The result is a story-time experience with a gentle adventure that's about helping others rather than yourself. Running through it are superbly written characters and well-observed tension between siblings growing up and entering different phases of life.