Lego 2K Drive is an open-world racing game made out of Lego. There are races, as you'd expect, but you can also freely explore each of the worlds, collect parts and upgrade your cars. It stands out for updating the popular Lego destruction and exploration found in games like Lego City Undercover and Lego Dimensions and creates a game that continues to grow over time.

This is a new team on Lego games, after a long run from TT Games. The focus is racing where you put your transforming vehicle to the test in a range of on and off-road terrain and open waters. Around the central racing, you can explore the worlds that lead you through a story or jump on quirky Lego minigames.
Along with the main story, you can collect and create your vehicles with over 1,000 bricks to find. This expands your racing options and adds the ability for land-based vehicles to transform into boats when over water. You can also meet Lego characters and take on missions for them, which further incentivises you to discover more of the environments.
The result is a fun and creative Lego game that appeals to younger players. The combination of exploration, destruction and multiplayer modes makes it great for families. Add to this the ability to construct your own vehicles from Lego bricks that determine both performance and aesthetics and you have a great package of brick-based fun.