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The Video Standards Council Rebrands As Games Rating Authority

The Video Standards Council (VSC) is the statutory UK regulator responsible for the age rating of video games. Today, it announced that it will now operate as the Games Rating Authority (GRA).

This change of name is designed to make the main role of the organisation clearer to parents and carers. The Games Rating Authority is responsible for issuing PEGI age ratings which appear on video games in around 40 countries across Europe.

Ian Rice, Director General of the Games Rating Authority, said: “As video games continue to move online, it’s more important than ever that parents and carers can find the information they need to make informed decisions about the games their children play. Changing our name to better reflect what we do will help people know where to come for trusted advice and information about video games.”

In 2012 the GRA was designated by Government, under the Video Recordings Act 1984, as the statutory UK regulator responsible for the age rating of video games supplied on physical media, such as discs and cartridges. In addition to its formal legal role, the GRA is also an administrator of the PEGI (Pan European Games Information) system, which is used in around 40 countries in Europe, including the UK. In conjunction with the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC), PEGI ratings are also voluntarily applied to games and apps on a range of online storefronts.

New Games Rating Authority logo
New Games Rating Authority logo

Parents and carers can look up games on the Games Rating Authority website, where detailed information is available about their ratings and content. They can also find more general advice, including about the use of parental controls.

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