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Xbox Family Settings App Adds New Settings to Manage Children’s Spending

The Xbox Family Settings app has had some exciting updates recently. This is the free app, available on iOS and Android, that enables you to create child accounts, update screen time limits, respond to notifications, manage who children can play and communicate with.

Xbox said that, "One of the top pieces of feedback we’ve received from parents about the Xbox Family Settings app is to include options to track and manage kids’ spending. We’ve heard your feedback and today, we’re excited to announce multiple new features for the app which will help you manage your child’s spending."

Set spending limits

You can now manage your children’s spending by adding money to their accounts directly from the app. The funds you add to your child’s account can apply to any purchase, including games, in-game purchases like skins, and apps.

This is a great way to reward your child. For example, if they complete their weekly chores, you can add money to their account as a weekly allowance. 

Ask to Buy

Turn this feature On to receive a notification each time your child wants to make a purchase that they don’t have sufficient funds for. You can then make the purchase on their child’s behalf (if it’s a game or app), or add money to their account for an in-game purchase, like a new skin or an accessory. And if you don’t want to approve the purchase, simply select the “deny” button on the notification you receive.

View your child’s account balance

At any time, you can review your child’s balance and decide if you’d like to add additional funds to their account.

Another feature you may have missed, that was added in May, is the ability to approve multiplayer access – where you can play and communicate with other gamers – by specific title, directly from your console or in the Xbox Family Settings app. If your child wants to play a specific game in multiplayer mode, they can send a request to unblock multiplayer for that game, which parents can approve or decline.

Download the Xbox Family Settings app today for free for iOS and Android to jump in and easily manage gaming for your family

For more information about the Xbox Family Settings app, visit Download the app to easily manage your child’s console gaming activities.

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