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Save Money On Amazing Family Video Games

With everyone's finances under pressure, here is a brilliant way to save money without compromising on the quality of games you choose for your family.

Video Games are a relatively new media. It's easy to assume that you need to spend a lot of money to get in on the fun. However, you can play games on many devices you may already own and there is a healthy second-hand market for older machines when you are getting started. 

Many families I work with start playing games from the previous generation. A PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 still offer a wide range of entertaining games. As well as this I spend time each month tracking down game bargains.

Deep Discounts

Many of the online storefronts that sell games for Xbox, PlayStation and Switch enable game makers to sell games at a discount. This enables the developer to get their game out in front of people who may enjoy it (and tell their friends). It also provides a really cost-effective way to buy some brilliant games.

Although some of the discounted games are at the simpler and more basic end of the spectrum. There are plenty of highly-rated games often on sale for as little as a few pounds.

Finding Bargains

One of the challenges of this is that the discounts are often for a limited time. It's easy to miss out on a low-price game if you don't keep track of the stores regularly. To help you out with this, our partner side the Family Gaming Database offer the follow pages that keep track of all the current bargains:


At the time of writing, there are some brilliant offers that stand out. For example:

With a bit of research using the database and other resources you can find some real cost savings on the games your family plays.

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Andrew Robertson
Andy Robertson is the editor of AskAboutGames and has written for national press and broadcast about video games and families for over 15 years. He has just published the Taming Gaming book with its Family Video Game Database.