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Great Alternatives to Hitman III

With our focus on fostering healthy and open conversation about video games in the home, we are often asked what to do when a child wants to play a game that is not appropriate for them. Part of our work on the Famliy Video Game Database aims to help this with alternatives to the older rated games like Call of Duty, Valorant and The Forest.

With Hitman III (PEGI 18) being released recently we have been looking through the database to find games that offer a really good sneaking and tagging gameplay but in a way that is appropriate for youngster to enjoy.

Untitled Goose Game (PEGI 3) is a great alternative. You still play the bad guy, but here you are limited by the weapons at the disposal of a goose. This makes it a game of mischief rather than murder. Better yet you can play it co-operatively.

Single Out (PEGI 7) is another great alternative. This is a shooting game crossed with Guess Who. You can to choose the right target by matching the elements of their face to those detailed on your hit card.

Witch It is another good option. Witch It is a game where you play a witch or a hunter. The witches run and hide in the village and can turn into every-day items. There's loads of Hitman style sneaking around and disguise.

Hello Neighbour (PEGI 12) is a more exuberant alternative. There's plenty of sneaking around not to get caught and even some mild peril if you have to run to escape. But being PEGI 12 this is always suitable for children of that age. 

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Andy Robertson is the editor of AskAboutGames and has written for national press and broadcast about video games and families for over 15 years. He has just published the Taming Gaming book with its Family Video Game Database.