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Haigh Family: Mario Maker 3DS

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Mario has to be the most well known video game character in the world and has been in many many different games over a variety of consoles through the years.

Now, a new game has been made for the 3DS with an amazing selection of Mario levels and an accessible level construction kit.

You will realise quite quickly how easy it is to spend hours just creating stages and playing levels created by you and your friends.

Super Mario Challenge allows you access to 18 worlds of original courses designed by Nintendo without the need for an Internet connection. With added special challenges from collecting every coin or defeating every enemy before you reach the goal. By playing these levels you will be rewarded with medals and more importantly course elements for you to try out in your own courses.

The 100 Mario Challenge requires an Internet connection and gives you access to play 100 levels designed by the players of the WiiU version. There are so many and the selection changes every time you play, and you are able to save these courses and edit them yourself!

The Recommended Courses bring out a selection of the best and most popular courses created by the players of the Wii U version for you to play on the go! Again you can save these and edit them but you again need an Internet connection to do this.

Create a Course then lets you put your devilish thoughts together to create your own course to challenge your family and friends. It really is as simple as doodling.

You are given a huge selection of items from floors, walls and platforms to pipes, enemies and blocks. And more are added the more you play. You literally just drag and drop where you want them, a quick shake of the stylus before you drop can transform items or enemies.


You can combine items to make new ones. You can make the courses as long or short as you like, and use a variety of styles from the original Super Mario Bros to the New Super Mario Bros.U as well as a selection of level types from Underground, Ghost House and Airship to name just a few.

The best bit is you are now able to transfer your favourite creations via StreetPass, so just walking through town your 3DS will pick up other players levels and transmit yours to them. Not only that but you are now able to collaborate with your friends and transmit your levels to their 3DS via local play before you complete them, to allow them to help in the creative process.

This really is a fun way to play Mario and as a family we have enjoyed immensely, my daughter loves spending time creating levels and running it in to me to play her new creation and every time she is getting more and more creative, always trying out the new items we have unlocked. We no longer need to be rated with stars to upload levels for others to play, so it allows for less experienced or creative players to get feedback and assistance with their levels.


We really enjoyed the first Mario maker on the Wii U and I feel that this is an improvement because you can share with friends through local wifi without completing a level fully it allows gamers of all abilities to enjoy the game which really helps when playing as a family as not everyone will be as skilled and it gives everyone that thrill of seeing someone else playing your level.

If you enjoyed the Wii U version then this is essentially the same game but with a different way of sharing your creations! And because you can create on the go you can fit in creating those wickedly clever courses wherever you go, a great addition and I can't wait to start receiving courses via Street Pass!


This is a post from one of our Family Gaming Advocates. If you'd like to be one too get in touch!

Anthony Haigh