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Haigh Family: Discover Nintendo Street Pass Gaming Events Near You

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Gaming is a pastime our family has enjoyed for years. Nothing is better than playing a multiplayer game with a friend or family member, and the Online gaming scene has grown amazingly.

The Nintendo 3DS is good for local multiplayer. We each have our own and enjoy a variety of games. But a big part of this for us is the Street Pass feature where you share items, progress and characters with other nearby players you pass on the street.

We discovered groups of family friendly gamers under the banner of StreetPassUK -- each one organised free Nintendo Gaming community's and events all over the country. These range from meeting once a week in a coffee shop with a dozen people to once a month events for 50+ people all enjoying the local multiplayer games they love!

We looked up our local group at the website and headed down to the meeting. Not only was this a great way to get lots of extras, characters and levels for our games but we were also able to complete our collections of Street Pass puzzle pieces and other challenges built into the 3DS system. Both me and my daughter loved it.

The groups are fun with people all willing to share their tips with you as well as share a game or two, we were really made to feel welcome. Most groups hold competitions and tournaments over a variety of Nintendo consoles from the NES to the WiiU. And now with the soon to be released Nintendo Switch it seems the local multiplayer movement is just going to get bigger.

If you want to know if there is a group or community like this near you head to for details on where your nearest group is located and how to get in touch.

Anthony Haigh