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EGX Discoveries: Moving Out

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One of the best things about coming to a video game event like EGX is all the games you can discover and try out with your family. In this series of posts, we are looking at the games families told us they enjoyed. Today it’s Moving Out.

Moving Out is a four-player challenge not dissimilar to Overcooked. Here though, rather than frantically trying to make gourmet dishes to order, you are emptying the contents of a house on moving day.

The twist is that the furniture and other items are all unusual shapes, not always sized to easily fit through the doors. Also, many of them need multiple people to pick them up. This not only adds a Tetris twist to the game but requires that players work together to get everything out in time.

Moving Out at EGX 2019

The visuals are simple and easy to understand so that even young players should be able to play their part. Families that played it at EGX enjoyed how they all had to work together and communicate strategies to get the house cleared efficiently.

The game is coming to PS4, Switch and Xbox next year.

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