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Sonic Colours Is Perfect For Families, Win An OLED Switch To Play It On

We've been testing out Sonic Colours with a few families we work with. It's been great to see how they got on with the game. Parents have enjoyed revisiting the classic game, while kids love the challenge of each level.

Sonic Colours Ultimate is a new version of the popular running, jumping and grinding game where you play the iconic blue hedgehog, Sonic. Dr. Eggman has built a giant amusement park that he's powering with a captured alien race. You use Sonic's lightning speed to free the aliens through six unique worlds.

Sonic Colours Ultimate updates the classic Sonic Colours game. It adds higher resolution visuals, more game features and a new game mode. The original game was available on DS, Wii and PC. The new version comes to Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Play involves dashing through the race-track style levels as fast as you can while collecting rings and power-ups. It sounds simple, but fast thinking and quick reactions are required to manoeuvre through hazardous obstacles and land your attacks perfectly to charge your Boost and reach Super Sonic speeds.

The fluid level design is a big draw here. Each of the immersive environments offers a twist on the challenge. From Sweet Mountain filled with delightful sweets to Aquarium Park filled with sea life and countless pools. Each level has secrets to discover including being able to pass through certain solid objects to discover alternate paths using the new Jade Wisp.

Along with the campaign levels, you can test your skills against Metal Sonic to unlock more rewards.

Win Sonic Colours and OLED Switch

You can win a copy of the game and a new OLED Switch in this competition we are running with Family Video Game Database and Sega:

Each of the following counts as an entry:

Prize: Nintendo Switch OLED (£299)
Start: 14th September 2021
Close: 14th October 2021
Winner: Announced via @TamingGamingDB Twitter.

Terms and Conditions on the competition page on the Family Video Game Database.

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