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Take The SHIELD Quiz To Protect Your Children Online

Video gaming fraud is on the rise, but it can be hard to know where to begin when approaching this topic with children. We've worked with Lloyds Bank on this quiz to highlight what you need to know.

Worried about your child when they’re gaming online? You’re not alone. New research commissioned by Lloyds Bank shows half of parents are worried their children could become victims of video gaming fraud. Despite this, over a third (38%) have never spoken to their children about staying safe online, with 25% lacking the knowledge on how to protect their child.

That’s why Lloyds Bank and gaming body Ukie have teamed up to guide parents on how to spot the signs of gaming fraud and give them the confidence needed to have meaningful conversations with their children about staying safe online.

What is SHIELD?

The Game Players Code, ‘SHIELD’, is a six-point guide to help parents of gamers and video game players actively take steps that’ll protect them from online gaming fraud.

To help keep children safe online, Lloyds Bank is encouraging parents to learn the common risks in video gaming by following these simple pieces of advice:

  • SCREEN any chats from strangers, as well as unexpected gifts and special edition or time-limited offers. Never transfer money to someone you haven’t met in person.
  • HIDE personal information from others at all times, concealing your personal details where possible to avoid them being leaked.
  • INVESTIGATE any gaming-related purchases before handing over money, such as checking whether the website is blacklisted on and only making card payments that offer greater consumer protections.
  • EVALUATE whether gaming-related downloads are being made from established trusted sources and whether they are safe by checking for malware via
  • LOCK your gaming network by using password managers, two-factor authentication within platforms and anti-virus software.
  • DELINK your bank details from gaming and online browser accounts. Having two-factor authentication set up on bank transactions and using prepaid cards will also help to keep your money protected.

Take This Quiz to Become SHIELD-Protected

Ready to test your knowledge? Take this quiz to see whether you know how to spot the signs of gaming fraud.

Upon successful completion, you will be SHIELD-protected, giving you the tools and confidence, you need to teach your children on how to stay safe when online gaming. 

Unsuccessful this time? Not to worry, feel free to retake the test as many times as needed.   

Further resources are available on Lloyds Bank Fraud’s No Game campaign, and how to avoid fraud when playing video games. Visit the Lloyds Bank Fraud Hub or search for Lloyds Bank’s Game Players Code online to find out more.

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